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CCJ Online: Cogen Plant's Unique Approach Links Legacy Control Systems

Combined-cycle digital control systems follow a much shorter obsolescence curve than the physical assets.

Rather than install a traditional DCS from one of the several primary vendors to tie legacy systems together, one cogeneration facility (installed in 1997) took a different approach. Instead of upgrading or replacing the actual control systems, the plant integrated them all, plus the controls for a new power-output booster unit, into a common HMI (human machine interface) and historian platform called IBECS™ (Integrated Be all End all Control System).

CSE Engineering Inc was responsible for the revamp. Says CSE President, Craig Corzine: "The plant now has a central repository of information and a fully redundant network environment built from standard off-the-shelf components and customized for the plant, without reprogramming any of the existing controls, or using any third-party software." Read more...

2015 Frame 6B Conference

The 2015 GE Frame 6B conference was held in Scottsdale, AZ, USA June 22-June 25. CSE participated at the trade show on Tuesday, June 23.

VTScada Wins 2015 Control Engineering Award in HMI Software Category

Congratulations to Trihedral Engineering VTScada team on winning 2015 Control Engineering Award HMI Software Category

2015 Frame 7F Conference

The 2015 Spring CTOTF conference and trade show took place in Denver, CO, USA May 11- 15. CSE exhibited on Tuesday, May 12. CSE discussed our proven <ITC> HMI upgrade solution with the owners and operators of of GE 7001F gas turbines with Mk V and Mk VI control systems.

2015 Spring CTOTF Conference

CSE participated in 2015 Spring CTOTF conference and trade show April 13th thru April 16th. The event was held in Fort Meyers, FL USA. CSE was pleased to introduce our newest turbine control HMI upgrade solutions.

2015 WTUI Conference

The 2015 WTUI (Western Turbine Users Inc.) conference and trade show was held in Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, USA April 13th thru April 16th. Many existing and prospective CSE customers/owners of GE LM series gas turbines visited CSE's booth to discuss our newest MK VI Millennium HMI upgrade platform and other power plant control solutions.

2014 Frame 7EA Conference

The 2014 Frame 7EA UG took place at Embassy Suites Nashville SE-Murfreesboro hotel, Nashville, TN, USA. CSE Engineering, Inc. participated in trade show on Wednesday, October 22 and presented on "Solutions to Extend Life of Your Speedtronic(tm) Control System" on Thursday, October 23.


<ITC> - HMI Replacement for Mk VI, V, VI & VIe

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<ITC>®, developed by CSE Engineering, is a specialized industrial monitoring and control application specifically to be the user interface of choice to the GE Speedtronic™ MK IV, V, VI & VIe Turbine Control Panel for both operators and maintenance personnel.

Where the GE Mark IV, V, VI & VIe HMI user interface is no longer available or may have become obsolete, the <ITC> provides an immediate ("plug and play") replacement. For many customers, this has been a cost-effective way to extend the life expectancy of existing OEM control panels by simply replacing the legacy GE user interface with the <ITC>®> user interface.

<ITC> has been proven on more than one hundred installations worldwide.

  • <ITC> is a cost effective way to extend life of Mark IV, V, VI and VIe.

  • <ITC> has no dependency upon Cimplicity®, CIMBridge®, or TCI™ meaning the <ITC> solution does not have any software incompatibility issues.

  • <ITC> solution can operate on Win NT, Win 2K, Win XP, Vista and Win 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating software with no compatibility issues between them.

  • <ITC> can act as an OPC server for integration with supervisory controls or other data collection devices such as PI.

  • <ITC> can directly interface with numerous third party controllers, including Allen Bradley®, Siemens®, Modicon®,  Bailey®,  Foxboro®,  Moore®, Omron®, Ovation TM  and others.

  • <ITC> offers data server redundancy to increase availability of HMI.

  • <ITC> offers internet interface server options so your controls interface can be where you need it to be.

  • <ITC> offers a historical data logging option and series of events, allowing you to track engine performance and troubleshoot issues.

  • <ITC> offers interface options  for all models of Speedtronic™ series , allowing multiple generations of Mk IV, V & VI controllers to be integrated into one interface.